Wilson lab – Immunology is a perfectly controlled mess

085: Wilson lab – Immunology is a perfectly controlled mess

Created by Jimena Perez Lloret

The canvas represents the areas of investigation in Mark Wilson’s group. We focus on the T cell response to infection with Heligmosomoides polygyrus and Plasmodium chabaudi and to allergies to house dust mite in mice. In our canvas we replace the mice with a gingerbread man being attacked by these challenges. We want to show that one day our discoveries could be used to inform the development of tools to improve human health.

Responses to each pathogen are different, but all are first orchestrated by the innate immune system, which is pictured as cells and complement on the periphery of our gingerbread man. The innate response then induces the adaptive immune response, represented as a T cell receiving information from a dendritic cell and B cell expansion.

Behind the scenes we picture a simplified miRNA pathway which refers to another area of investigation in our lab that is working to reveal some of the marvellous gene expression control systems at the level of transcription. We are working to understand the role of miRNAs in the mouse models we study. There is a molecular world inside each cell that perfectly controls the expression of genes that will program cells to respond in a correct way.

085-Wilson lab - Immunology is a perfectly controlled mess