Tybulewicz lab

088: Tybulewicz lab

Created by Jennifer Mueller

In our lab (Victor Tybulewicz’s group) we are immunologists and Down syndrome researchers working with mice. The B-, T- and NK cells as well as the macrophage represent important immune cells that we isolate from mice. They are connected with the mouse tail by coloured rays, which stand for the laser beams in a FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting) machine. We use FACS to help identify and purify these cell populations.

The number 21 shaped as two chromosomes represents the Down syndrome work (trisomy 21), which includes investigation of heart and brain defects.

The cupcake in the number 303 (which is our room number) stands for our exorbitant need for cakes and biscuits as often as possible and our extensive tea breaks.

088-Tybulewicz lab