Frickel Lab

087: Frickel Lab

Created by Anna Napolitano, Anna Sanecka-Duin, Clemence Foltz, Ashleigh Johnston, Barbara Clough and Nagisa Yoshida.

Our lab, in the Parasitology Division, works on the host immune response to the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma. The canvas depicts the key elements of the lifecycle with the parasite represented in fluorescent green and red (the parasites we routinely use for our experiments are stably transfected with eGFP or tdTomato). The definitive host, the cat, is depicted and the intermediate host, the mouse, is shown with its brain to accentuate the location of the parasite in its chronic phase.

A reward for major breakthrough results in our lab is a shot of Bushmills whiskey and we felt that this had to be part of our lab canvas. Also, since all our lab members bake cakes fairly liberally – the centrepiece had to be an amazing cupcake.

As a whole, the elements of our lab come together on a red polka dot picnic rug to portray the happy, jolly lab that we are!!!

087-Frickel Lab