The Ian Taylor lab coat of arms

072: The Ian Taylor lab coat of arms

Created by Laurence Arnold

The overall design represents some of the projects in our lab as well as an interpretation of our outlook. That is, the science is what matters – irrespective of bureaucracy, politics or policy. The pipette crossed with the bottle represents our passion for dispensing liquids and consuming them. There are nucleotides and nucleosides, the effectors, substrates and products of triphosphohydrolase activity, a retroviral capsid hexamer and a monkey tail (or really the C-terminus of SAMHD1) sequestered by an alpha helical element (from Vpx). These images are references to our research into the structural and biophysical characteristics of host-virus interactions.

The escutcheon doesn’t really represent anything, other than it looks a little like a ribose ring…

072-The Ian Taylor lab coat of arms