Protein crystallisation at NIMR 1993-2015

080: Protein crystallisation at NIMR 1993-2015

Created by Lesley Haire (Molecular Structure)

The canvas shows images of crystals which have been used for X-ray diffraction experiments to solve the structures of medically relevant proteins/complexes for drug design. These crystals are submicroscopic and are between 200 and 400 microns in the longest dimension. Unlike salt crystals, e.g. NaCl, they contain solvent channels and are very fragile. Before being X-rayed they are frozen in liquid nitrogen to preserve their integrity. The crystals illustrated include viral proteins, e.g. influenza A haemagglutinin, RNA, insulin and a malarial protein from Plasmodium falciparum.

080-Protein crystallisation at NIMR 1993-2015