Molecular Structure

074: Molecular Structure

Created by Sarah Caswell (Steve Smerdon lab)

Our canvas represents the areas of research from each of the four groups that made up the Division of Molecular Structure at the National Institute for Medical Research as it was in 2015.

In the top left is the structure of AMPK, an enzyme important for regulating cellular energy balance, solved by Steve Gamblin’s group. The top right structure is the structure of the E3 ubiquitin ligase, HOIP, with a donor and acceptor ubiquitin, solved by members of Katrin Rittinger’s group. Bottom left shows the structure of Nbs1, which is a protein involved in double-strand break repair, solved by Steve Smerdon’s group. The bottom right is the structure of the tetrameric form of SAMHD1, which is a retroviral restriction factor, solved by members of Ian Taylor’s group. The various sequins and beads sewn onto the canvas are representative of the types of protein crystals which we hope to achieve as part of our research within the division of Molecular Structure.

074-Molecular Structure