Physiology and Metabolism

063: Physiology and Metabolism

Created by Andrew Bailey

The Division of Physiology & Metabolism was established at NIMR in 2012 with Alex Gould as its head and four group leaders in the Division (Dimitrios Anastasiou, Alex Gould, Markus Ralser and Mariia Yuneva). Their laboratories use a variety of model organisms – including yeast, fruit flies (Drosophila), marmots and mice – to investigate how metabolism regulates development, physiology, ageing and diseases such as cancer.

Work by these and a growing number of other labs at the Francis Crick Institute continues to depend upon metabolomics techniques developed via two state-of-the-art platforms. Paul Driscoll leads on metabolomics NMR (with the MRC Biomedical NMR Centre) and James MacRae heads the metabolomics mass spectrometry platform. These platforms were established at NIMR in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

063-Physiology and Metabolism