070: Neurophysiology

Created by Rebecca Jordan (Schaefer lab)

This acrylic-painted canvas represents the work of the Burdakov, Margrie and Schaefer labs in the Neurophysiology Division. Over the years, Neurophysiology at NIMR has both pioneered and employed contemporary techniques to dissect out the function of neural circuits, often using genetic approaches to target specific populations of neurons.

The canvas displays an example: the neurons pictured represent elements of the olfactory bulb circuit. The green neurons (expressing GFP) are mitral cells, and the red cells (expressing mCherry) are the abundant inhibitory interneurons, granule cells. A dye-filled patch pipette has been guided via two-photon imaging to one of the mitral cells in order to record its electrical activity via whole cell patch, while labelling the individual cell in yellow. Overlaid in white represents the kind of high-resolution electrophysiological read out from such a recording – the iconic shape of an action potential. This of course only represents a small aspect of the past work and ongoing cutting edge research of the Neurophysiology division.