Salecker lab

055: Salecker lab

Created by: Holger Apitz, Kathleen Dolan, Richard Kaschula, Benjamin Richier, Nana Shimosako and Iris Salecker

This canvas shows an adult visual system of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster – our model to understand how neural circuits assemble during development. It contains clues to our past and ongoing research. Stippled lines reveal the organisation of axonal and dendritic neurites into synaptic layers. Beads in “Flybow” colors represent the cell bodies of neurons and glia. We included our favorite cell types: photoreceptor axons R1-R8 (green), lamina neuron L3 (blue, left), Nana’s medulla neuron Tm20 (blue, right), Richard’s amacrine-like medulla neuron Dm3 (yellow), Benjamin’s and Kathleen’s astrocyte-like medulla neuropil glia (red, center) and Holger’s lobula plate neuron T4 (yellow). Light green symbolizes the expression of one of our molecules of interest, the chemoattractant guidance cue Netrin-B.

While celebrations help to mark the moment, the canvas is something visible to bring with us from NIMR to the Crick, to always remind us of our spirit. Every piece is so creative containing bits of our souls, our love for our research and NIMR!

055-Salecker lab