Elgar and Gilchrist labs

060: Elgar and Gilchrist labs

Created by Lilly Hunt, Greg Elgar, Michael Gilchrist, Johanna Fischer, Htoo Wai, S. Pauls, Laura Doglio, Boris Noyvert, Joseph Grice, Brook Cooper, Ian Grant; Nicholas Owens, Ilya Patrushev, Elena DeDomenico, Rosa GomesFaria

This canvas from room 16 is a joint project from Greg Elgar and Mike Gilchrist’s labs. The two labs work closely together sharing lab space and ideas. The Gilchrist lab works with Xenopus embryo development whereas the Elgar lab uses Zebrafish, therefore we wanted to incorporate both model organisms onto the canvas. We dedicated some of our time in our joint lab meeting to creating creative ideas that would look striking from afar and settled on the Warhol style, used in his famous Marilyn Monroe images. The Gilchrist lab provided me with their favourite embryo image and the Elgar lab with theirs and I created simple pen line drawings of the embryos. These were then scanned in black-and-white onto my computer and manipulated into Photoshop to create the right-sized image with the alternating Zebrafish and Xenopus embryo images. The colours were filled in as part of a group effort, with people suggesting their favourite colours for their favourite parts of the embryo to create the final image. This was then printed onto a canvas square – the same material we use for our lab posters when we go to conferences. This square was cut down to size and sewn onto a canvas square. We wanted to keep the canvas personal so then everyone in the two labs signed their name round the edge of the square. We hope it is a good reminder of the work we do in our labs both separately and together.

Lilly Hunt; Greg Elgar; Mike Gilchrist; Johanna Fischer; Htoo Wai;
Stefan Pauls; Laura Doglio; Boris Noyvert; Joe Grice; Brook Cooper
Ian Grant; Nick Owens; lya Patrushev; Elena DeDomenico;
Rosa Gomes Faria

060-Elgar and Gilchrist labs