NIMR lab coat

050: NIMR lab coat

Created by Qiling Xu, Christina McGuire, Robin Lovell-Badge, Angela Cheung

This patch was created during the last few days of the NIMR canvas project. We were running out of the canvas materials and Felicity Williams suggested we could use materials from the Institute such as lab coats. While I was cutting up a lab coat to prepare more squares, I had the idea to make an NIMR lab coat itself the subject of a patch. I used part of a lab coat containing the bar code and added an NIMR label. Small squares of metal buttons were cut out from the remains of a lab coat and I was arranging them to make a shape when Christina McGuire joined in. Suddenly, a shape of the NIMR main building emerged from our finger tips; we looked at each other and smiled. On the next day, I saw the patch that Christina had stitched and was amazed by the simplicity of the brilliant pin-shaped stitches. She said it was inspired by my comment while watching her putting coloured bead-headed pins on the little pieces to position them for stitching.

The batman logo refers to the use of the site for some scenes in the film ‘Batman Begins’. Robin Lovell-Badge suggested creating a patch for the Batman movie. However, we had already collected one hundred patches and the assembly work had started on Saturday. One possibility was to put bats on existing patches such as the lab coat. Robin had a look at the patch on Sunday and left with a piece of lab coat, some paints and brushes. On the next day, he came with a piece of cloth heavy with painted bats. They looked exquisite. Angela Cheung carefully cut out the bats and stitched them onto two adjacent patches: this one and the NIMR main building (Image 49). We now have the Batman story on our canvas.

050-NIMR lab coat