Rainbow fish and other stories

031: Rainbow fish and other stories

Created by Qiling Xu (Wilkinson lab)

This canvas depicts aspects of my research and interactions in my years at NIMR. I have been working with zebrafish for almost twenty years and have generated various transgenic fish including rainbow fish. My main focus is on the regulation of cell migration, which involves a lot of time lapse imaging. Mechanical engineering at the Institute have made various moulds to enable me to embed zebrafish embryos for live imaging and cell transplantation. The grey moulds are made on a 3D printer, and transparent Perspex moulds are cut by machine. They are decorated here with silk threads and hand-stitched. Coloured beads represent various fluorescent proteins expressed in zebrafish embryos. The Rainbow fish is made by machine embroidery and the red eye is a genetic marker we use routinely for transgenic fish for easy visual genotyping. Many thanks to our wonderful animal facility, biological service and aquatic staff. So long, NIMR, thanks for all the fish!

031-Rainbow fish and other stories