The Library

025: The Library

Created by Patti Biggs (Library)

The NIMR Library at Mill Hill is a purpose-built, galleried reading room in classic 1930s art deco style. Its elegant overhead lights, moldings, clock faces and brass railings help to create an atmosphere of studious calm. The striking views to the north over the Totteridge valley complement the attractive interior décor.

The Library has served the scientific information needs of Institute researchers since 1920. Its collections were established to provide the best possible resource for biomedical researchers. It has adapted many times to suit the changing needs of science and to take advantage of new technological opportunities. The Library was in the vanguard of computer-based literature retrieval in the 1960s, and in internet information access in the 1990s. It will continue to adapt to the challenges offered by the Francis Crick Institute.

This design shows the clock face and the swing door that are at each end of the reading room. A version of the design was adopted as a logo for the library service and signifies the library as a portal to knowledge.

The gleaming brass handles on the Library doors, and all the other brass fittings, are polished every week by our loyal cleaner, Colin Philips.

The whole Library team (Patti Biggs, Frank Norman and Nicola Weston) and the Library Transition team (Eleni Loli and Jonathon Vines) contributed to the design. It was stitched by Patti Biggs.

025-The Library