Building Services

027: Building Services

Created by Lynda Gray (Building Services)

Building Services incorporate a wide range of services within Engineering Facilities, accommodating new builds, maintenance and ensuring that the Mill Hill Site is fit for purpose.
The canvas contains a snapshot of some of the tools we use, the work we do and the trades covered. It is also representative of a typical drawing that would be produced for a project and includes a title box at the bottom right hand corner detailing the project and project manager. Inspiration came from a sketch of a Peltier heat exchanger, made by one of our project engineers. This is shown in the middle of the canvas, along with the formula for the heat transfer ratio of a Peltier thermoelectric device.

Maintenance work is represented by a diagram of a simple electrical wiring circuit, symbolic of an Alarm Panel. Building and refurbishment work is represented by the bricks, trowel, paint and spirit level. Tools of the project engineers are represented by the compass and square, pencil and calculator with the mouse representing use of the computer. Icons are set out on a draftsman’s blueprint, symbolic of the many drawings consulted throughout the years.

To create the colour of the blueprint the canvas was was dipped into blue acrylic paint which had been diluted in water, then stretched on a frame to dry. The drawings were done freehand with pen.

027-Building Services