Prayer group

012: Prayer group

Created by Lesley Southerden

The Tuesday Prayer Group has been meeting for many years at NIMR. It is a small group of Christians who gather at lunchtime on a Tuesday to eat their food, spend time together, talk about their faith and pray. It is a great support network as members of the group become firm friends, spending time together outside of work hours, sharing the ups and downs of life. Over the years we have supported each other through Vivas, illnesses, bereavements, and we have celebrated marriages and retirements.
For the canvas I used a multicoloured background of triangles, all coming together to one point. I did this to represent the group, all with different backgrounds, different church denominations and different roles within the Institute, coming together once a week. I added the cross as this is the basis of our group: a fellowship of Christians who meet together to focus on Jesus. We are so thankful to NIMR for bringing us together and for giving us the opportunity to be part of this group.

012-Prayer group