Nature and Science – lunch club

020: Nature and Science – lunch club

Created by Yasmina Soneji

We are a diverse group of individuals who usually have lunch together and bring a dish to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

Some of us are regular lunchtime walkers. In my early days at NIMR I often went for walks with Sheila Lathwell to the garden centre, picking apples, plums and blackberries en route. I wanted to show the uniqueness of NIMR’s location and to remember the rose beds at the front of the building.

The initials are for:
YJS Yasmina Jay Soneji (Laboratory research scientist)
HS Harsha Sheth (Computing and telecommunications)
RS Rosemary Sumray (PA to Molecular Structure and Virology)
PB Patti Biggs (Deputy Librarian)
HJ Harsha Jani (Laboratory research scientist)
VM Vicky Millins (Laboratory Manager)
LG Lynda Gray (PA to Building Services)
RS Ranjan Shah (Glassware services)

020-Nature and Science – lunch club