The 240 bus

098: The 240 bus

Created by Norah Fogarty

NIMR is located at the edge of the green belt in leafy North London, and the 240 bus is the transport of choice for many working here. The bus acts as a unifier as it brings maintenance staff, scientific staff, non-scientific support, technicians, library staff and catering staff to the Institute. The 240 bus is an extension of the lab: papers are read, experiments are discussed and colleagues and friends are caught up with. Parents on the bus tell their children “that’s where the science happens” as it pulls up to the stop and the automated voice announces our arrival. Traffic comes to a stop to let us stream across the road to the entrance, like ducks to a river. The success of a NIMROD social event can be gauged from the numbers of revellers running for the last bus of the day.

098-The 240 bus