096: CLTUS

Created by Christina McGuire

CLTUS stands for the Crick Local Trade Union Side, a sub-committee of the NIMR Local Trade Union Side (LTUS).
CLTUS met monthly with MRC and NIMR management for several years prior to the TUPE transfer on 1 April 2015, held open meetings with staff and dedicated many hours to support a complex TUPE consultation process, with unique challenges, over a number of years. Members actively engaged with and represented staff throughout NIMR to help ensure the best possible outcome for staff transferring to the Crick.

The five members of the LTUS were elected from the MRC recognised unions but represented the interests of all staff at NIMR. LTUS was extended with six additional volunteer members to form CLTUS for the purpose of TUPE consultation, all of whom were also from the recognised unions: UCU, PCS, Unite, BMA and FDA.

The name of each of the unions is represented on the canvas in graffiti font, using neon acrylic paint and fabric pens, and broadly using the colours of the official union logos.

Graffiti font was chosen as it is often used to express underlying social and political messages.

CLTUS members

•Patti Biggs (Co-Chair)
•John Bouquiere
•Oliver De Peyer
•Julia Janzen
•Richard Li
•Christina McGuire (Co-Chair)
•RoseMary Murphy
•Sola Ogun
•Alan Palmer
•Simon Pennell
•Jonathan Stoye

During the TUPE consultation, CLTUS were supported by Terry McDonald and Louise McFarlane, from MRC National Trade Union Side, and Barry Jones, from UCU.