100: Butterfly

Created by Felicity Williams

I was asked to contribute a canvas to represent ‘The Crick’, signifying our future in the Francis Crick Institute. It has been positioned as the last piece of the patchwork, the one connecting to the untold story of the new institute. The design is taken from a logo used internally by the Crick.

Adaptation and flexibility at all levels have been consistent themes and characteristics of people at NIMR. The wire body of the butterfly is represented by a sense of movement and energy, with spiralling yellow beads and a spring. The antennae show our senses, and the lack of symmetry the unsure times that we are flying into.

The diversity and interest of NIMR is symbolised by the multitude of materials, colour and textures. Their practical application recognises the work and problem-solving staff have done to contribute to the Crick.

The blank spaces and pencilled in shapes form the future aspect of this design, the new parts, people, collaborations and work to come.