Biological Services Breeding Units

008: Biological Services Breeding Units

Created by Alan Palmer (Biological Services)

This represents the importance of high quality animal welfare to produce high quality research models that help deliver high quality science.

The image used is the symbol from the MRC-NIMR mouse newsletter – published by the Laboratory Animals Centre. The MRC set up the Laboratory Animals Bureau (LAB) in 1947 renamed as the Laboratory Animals Centre (LAC) in 1958. The LAB provided a standardised source of information for the production, supply, maintenance and use of laboratory animals – much of it based on the MRC Animal Care Programme developed in the Animal Division at NIMR.

This canvas, along with numbers 4 and 6, is presented on behalf of all Biological Services and Procedural Services staff. These canvasses are dedicated to all NIMR animal technicians and support staff past and present for their tireless efforts and contributions to ensuring first class animal care, welfare and science support – and being a driving force in the development of new standards across the animal science and technology industry.

008-Biological Services Breeding Units