LA Story – James Briscoe
A monstrous head in a library in Los Angeles has a surprising link to current research.
Fighting for family health in the developing world – Michael G. Sargent
What interventions will achieve the Millennium development goals of halving maternal and child mortality? Lessons from India and Ethiopia.
Something in the air or a simple twist of fate? – Stephen R. Martin and Maria J. Schilstra
Statistics can reveal when disease clusters need to be investigated further.
Laboratory robotics and high-throughput research – Oliver de Peyer
New robotic and microfulidics techniques can speed up laboratory work.
Am I normal, Doctor? The boundaries of disease and wellness – Ross Breckenridge
What effect will genetic tests have on clinical medicine, and our concepts of normality and disease?
Are saviour siblings a humane and proper use of reproductive technology? – Tim Harrison
The ethics of saviour siblings. Written by a student at Highgate School, winner of the 2008 NIMR Human Biology Essay competition.

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