Citizenship and the medical sciences – Michael Sargent
An understanding of scientific issues is important across all areas of public policy.
Alexandre Yersin and his adventures in Vietnam – William Burns
The early life and adventures in Vietnam of Alexandre Yersin, the Swiss-French microbiologist who gave his name to the plague-causing bacterium.
Genes, learning, behaviour and the outside world – Jamshed Tata
Matt Ridley’s book Nature via Nurture, on the question of whether genetic or environmental influences are most important in our development.
Glivec, CML, Abl and targeted molecular therapy for cancer – Qiling Xu
Glivec is drug for the management of chronic myeloid leukaemia and one of the first drugs to be based on a molecular understanding of disease biology.
RNAi: the gentle art of shredding genes – Jocelyn Downey
RNA interference controls cellular activities and is also finding many uses in the laboratory that may lead to new therapies.

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