Drugs and addiction, ecstasy and cannabis – Nigel Birdsall
What addiction is and how some commonly used drugs produce their effects.
Out on a Limb – James Briscoe
A recent change in the theory of how limbs grow.
Rosalind Franklin – The dark lady of DNA – Katrin Rittinger and Annalisa Pastore
Rosalind Franklin made a significant contribution 50 years ago to the discovery of the structure of DNA.
Tuberculosis in man, cattle and badgers – Jo Colston
Current attempts to unravel the links between tuberculosis in badgers, cattle and humans.
Human infertility – tragedy or godsend? – Paul Burgoyne
The benefits of assisted reproductive technology in overcoming infertility.
The malaria revolution: from mosquitoes to molecules – Tony Holder
New genetic information on mosquitoes and the malaria parasite holds promise for conquering this disease.
The obesity epidemic; fat, fact and fiction! – Randip Bains
The reasons behind the current epidemic of obesity.

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