So you want to be normal – by Iain Robinson
How research into growth hormone can challenge our ideas of normality, with particular reference to our height.
Meningitis: fresh hopes for its eradication – Gerry Klaus
The multiple causes of the disease and the novelty and importance of the current vaccination programme.
Health-care and the advent of the Information Society – Frank Norman
The patient who arrives at the doctor’s surgery armed with pages of printout from the Internet may become a problem.
Warts and all – John Doorbar
The virus that causes the common wart is closely related to the virus which is the cause of cervical cancer. This can help to detect the cancer early before it develops.
MS – Kamalini Trentham
Research into multiple sclerosis and new treatments.
Infectious Salmon Anaemia – Barry Ely
A serious infectious viral disease of farmed salmon which could threaten the entire fish farming industry.
How and why our right and left sides differ – Jonathan Cooke
Although our bodies are more or less outwardly symmetrical, internally they are not. Why are most people right-handed?

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