Library collections

A survey of the NIMR Library holdings was conducted in 2013 by Alice Ford-Smith. It concluded:

  • The NIMR Library contains some printed material which is rare or not easily discoverable in other libraries, and is likely to have long term research value, particularly for historians of science and medicine. There is also much that is well-represented elsewhere in the UK research library network but might nevertheless be of value to other individual libraries.
  • The earliest pamphlet recorded was from 1876 and the latest from 1991, although again the vast majority of the material dates from the 20th century. The Annual Reports and Official Publications held are of a similar date range. This material is generally not widely held elsewhere, or is not easily discoverable at individual item level, and a significant proportion appears to be unique.
  • The long-term future of the rarest items should be secured; the remaining material should be disposed of responsibly, to other libraries where possible. It is unlikely that any single methodology will be uniformly appropriate; a staged approach is proposed.

A series of projects have been started to put these recommendations into action.  A listing of all pamphlets is being created, and one of all reports will be ready soon. It is also planned to create a listing of the older monographs.

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