Equipment collection

Tools of the trade – objects that tell a story

The NIMR scientific instrument collection contains items of equipment no longer used, kept for their historical interest. Some work to manage the collection has been carried out recently, with help from two retired staff members and support from UCL Museums. The first stage was to give each item a light clean, create a physical description and research the origins of each item and any associations with particular people or experiments. When finished the database of objects is expected to contain up to 300 items, though not all of them will be of equal interest. Some items seem uninteresting until you learn more about their story. Some become more interesting when set alongside other related items.

This work has been funded by the Francis Crick Institute, which has secured a grant to undertake some preservation work. Some of the items in the collection will be put on permanent display at the Crick when its new building opens in 2016.

This section of the blog will include images and descriptions of the pieces.

Photos can be browsed on Flickr.

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