A film about the history of NIMR has been produced and released on limited distribution to affiliates of NIMR or their families.

A trailer and some clips of interviews are available on Vimeo.

Queries relating to the film should be addressed to:

The film is called National Institute for Medical Research: The Place The People The Science and it was completed in 2015.  It was made by Taslima Khan, who is a former NIMR PhD student now turned film-maker.

Tas said:

This trailer tries to encapsulate a film I’ve made about the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). It is the story of a remarkable place from its origins as a few pioneer scientists housed in a former Hampstead hospital, to a globally admired scientific behemoth, home to over 700 staff in Mill Hill, London.
Blending interviews and archive, the film brings the Institute alive: the place, the people and the science – when health and safety was non-existent and scientists smoked in the lab; to the requirements of wartime and the changing needs of a Nation. From the Antarctic to antibiotics; flamethrowers to ‘flu; hygiene to Hox genes; Macrocyclon to mesoderm; T-cells to Toxoplasma gondii, NIMR did it all.

The trailer is about 5 mins long and includes just a few tasters of the complete 2 hr film.