Mike Gaze FRS (1927-2012)

Raymond Michael (Mike) Gaze was Head of NIMR’s Division of Developmental Biology for 13 years, working on the development of the visual system in amphibians. He studied medicine then physiology, then became a lecturer in physiology at Edinburgh University. In 1964 Gaze was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and in 1966 he was appointed as a Reader at the University. In 1970, at the invitation of NIMR Director Peter Medawar, Gaze set up a new Division of Developmental Biology at the Institute. Gaze was also an able administrator, and from 1977 until he left, he was Deputy Director of NIMR, providing much appreciated support to both Arnold Burgen and Dai Rees. In 1983 he moved his group to Edinburgh University, to form the MRC Neural Development and Regeneration Group. He retired from Edinburgh in 1992.
Mike Gaze
Mike Gaze

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