Joseph Edwin Barnard FRS (1870-1949)

Joseph Edwin Barnard came from Vauxhall, London, and became a gentleman amateur microscopist. In 1919 he accepted an invitation from the MRC to establish and advise on optical and other equipment at NIMR. He worked at his family’s
hat shop in St. James Street in the mornings and dashed to his research lab in Hampstead in the afternoons – made easier by foregoing lunch on three days of the week. Among his accomplishments was an improved method for ultraviolet microscopy by using a mercury vapour arc to provide sharper images. He was head of the Department of Applied Optics, renamed Microscopy and Physical Methods, until retirement in 1942. He was elected President of the Royal Microscopical Society three times, was also a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Joseph Edwin Barnard
Joseph Edwin Barnard

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