John James Skehel FRS

John James Skehel has achieved world acclaim for his pioneering research on membrane glycoproteins of the influenza virus and their role in binding and entry of host cells. Among Skehel’s many honorary roles are professorships at Glasgow University, Liverpool John Moores University and University College London. He is also a Fellow of the University of Wales and Honorary Member of the Society for General Microbiology. His accolades include the Wilhelm Feldberg Prize (1986), the Robert Koch Prize (1987), the Louis Jeantet Prix de Medecin (1988), the Royal Society Leeuwenhoek Lectureship (1990), and the Royal Society Royal Medal (2003) and Le Grand Prix de Louis D Fondation, Institut de France (2007).

1941 Born in Blackburn, Lancashire
1962 Gained BSc in agricultural biochemistry, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
1966 Awarded PhD in biochemistry, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology
1965-68 Postdoctoral researcher, University of Aberdeen
1968 Helen Hay Whitney Foundation fellow at Duke University
1969 Appointed as junior group leader, NIMR
1971 Appointed to permanent staff, NIMR
1984 Head of Virology, NIMR
1975-93 Director, WHO World Influenza Centre, NIMR
1983 Member, European Molecular Biology Organization
1984 Fellow of the Royal Society
1985 Head of Infections and Immunity Group, NIMR
1987 Appointed Director of NIMR
1992 Member of the Academia Europaea
1996 Knighted
1998 Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1998 (Vice-president 2001-2006)
2006 Retirement from Directorship. Visiting scientist, Division of Virology at NIMR
2013 Biological Secretary, Royal Society
2014 Foreign Member, National Academy of Sciences, USA
John James Skehel
John James Skehel

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