Harold Ward Dudley FRS (1887-1935)

Harold Dudley was chief biochemist to Henry Dale from 1919 to 1935. His previous research in biochemistry included positions in Berlin, New York and Leeds. During World War One he worked at the Royal Army Medical College in Millbank testing respirators for use in the event of gas warfare, for which he was later awarded an OBE. Upon demobilisation he joined NIMR in 1919. His work included the standardisation of insulin and the isolation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In 1930 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Dale credited Dudley with “a fine character and personal charm” and “a modest elegance and a fine perfection in all that he did.”1 Dudley died suddenly on 3 October 1935 at the age of 48, following complications from an operation.

Harold Ward Dudley
Harold Ward Dudley

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