Anthony Trafford James FRS (1922-2006)

Anthony Trafford James worked at NIMR from 1949-1962, and co-developed the technique of gas liquid chromatography with Archer Martin.

Anthony Trafford James
Anthony Trafford James

Born in Cardiff in 1922, James left school at 16 to work in the Kodak Company laboratory, but later studied for a degree in chemistry (awarded 1943), and a PhD (1946). In 1947 he joined the Lister Institute to work with Richard Synge on liquid- liquid chromatography. In 1948, James accompanied Archer Martin to NIMR where they developed gas liquid chromatography. James worked on the biochemistry of fatty acids and moved to the Division of Physical Chemistry in 1952. After Martin left in 1956, James returned to Biochemistry and teamed up with James Lovelock to study the blood lipids of patients with coronary artery disease. In 1962, he accepted offer of greater laboratory space and twice the salary at Unliver’s Colworth House, Bedford. There he established a world-class lipid biochemistry centre, and set up a carbohydrate research group that included Dai Rees (who later became Director of NIMR).

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