Albert Neuberger FRS (1908-1996)

Albert Neuberger was a distinguished biochemist who worked at NIMR from 1943-54. Born in Bavaria, Neuberger qualified in medicine at the University of Wurzburg in 1931, and did biochemistry research in his spare time at the University of Berlin. Neuberger arrived in London as a Jewish refugee in 1932, and did a PhD in protein electrochemistry with Charles Harington at University College Hospital Medical School, supported by the Academic Assistance Council for refugee scientists from Europe,and a Beit Memorial Fellowship. In 1939 he took a position at the University of Cambridge. Fred Sanger became his first PhD student, and recalls Neuberger’s “kindness and patience” and “extremely wide knowledge of biochemistry which I admired and used but could never emulate.” Neuberger rejoined Harington at NIMR in 1943, but by 1954 he yearned for a more clinical environment and became the new Chair of Chemical Pathology at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Albert Neuberger
Albert Neuberger

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